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1. 问题回答:这一部分主要考查考生对一些问题做出合适回答的能力,内容为日常生活中的问话。句子结构和内容一般比较简单,出题一般以疑问句的形式出现,也有陈述句形式的日常交际语。测试的主要内容包括:问候、询问情况、请求与建议等日常交际主题。(BSectionA



Merry Christmas! ProfessorGreen.答案【A

AThesame to you         BThat'sall right

CMetoo                DNice to see you 


Can you tell me when thenext bus for London leaves?答案【A 

AThree-thirty           BAmoment ag0 

CByGate l2            DAtthe bus station 


What does Mr. Brown dofor a living? 答案【D 

AHeis leaving by bus 

BHehas a big family 

CHeis living in a small town 

DHeis working as a lawyer 


Would you fetch me atimetableplease? 答案【B 

ADon'tmention it        BI'msorryI can't 

CNotat all              DThanksa lot 

2. 简短对话题:一男一女各说一句话,根据对话选出最正确的答案。这部分的对话内容一般以日常交际为主,句子结构和内容都不太复杂,提问形式多为特殊疑问句,问句通常以what, which, where, why,when, how, how many, how much等开头。(ASectionABSectionB


事实细节题:AHeis serious.             B) He is careless.

            C)He is kind.                D)He is polite.

M: What do you think ofyour new boss?

W: I don't like him. He istoo serious.

Q: What does the woman thinkof her new boss?

判断推理题:ATheywill stay at home.           B)They will be late.

           C)They won't go to the party.         D)They won't be late.

W: I'm afraid we'll be late for theparty,

M: Don't worry, there is still 20minutes to go.

Q: What does the man mean?

时间数字题: A5dollars   B) 10 dollars    C) 15 dollars     D) 20 dollars.

M: These cups look nice. How muchare they?

W: They are 10 dollars each.

Q: How much will the man pay if hepays two cups?

地点场景题: AIna book store.             B) In a theatre.

          C)At the customs.               D)At a bank.

M: What can I do for you?

W: I'd like to open a savingsaccount here.

Q: Where does the conversation mostlikely take place?

身份关系题: A) Patient and doctor

          B)Teacher and student

          C)Husband and wife

          D)Manager and secretary

W: What's wrong with me, doctor?

M: Nothing serious. You just have acold.

Q: What's the probable relationshipbetween the two speakers?

3. 长对话题: 有两组长对话组成,第一组对话后两个问题,第二组对话后三个问题,共5题,要求考生就对话内容选出正确的答案。(ASectionB, BSection C)


W: Uh … I’m playing golf with afriend of mine who manages a department store and I thought you might like tomeet her …

M: That’s very kind of you … Whenare you playing?

W: Sunday at the Green Hill club.We’re starting at ten in the morning.

M: Well, that sounds great. I’dlove to come.

W: Shall we meet for breakfast inthe clubhouse before we start? Say 9:00?

M: Excellent. I’ll see you therethen.

Q6: What does the woman want to doafter graduation?

Q7: What kind of job does the manlike?

6. A. Playgolf.                         B.Visit a department store.

 C. Meet a friend ofhers.                D.Have breakfast at the clubhouse.

7. A.9:00.                             B. After breakfast.
 C.10:00.                            D. Before lunch.

4. 听短文填空。考生在规定的时间内听一段大约120个词左右的短文,把缺少的单词或词组正确填写出来。(ASectionCBSectionD)


When you are starting asmall business, you should write a business plan. Writing a business plan isthe most important  (11) . This is how people will thinkabout your business. When you  (12)   support from abank, the bank will read your plan seriously before it gives you any help. Evenif you're starting the business with  (13)  , you will stillneed to have a written plan to help  (14)   yourbusiness. The marketing plan is the important part of a business plan. It willhelp you to sell the products or  (15)  

5. 听短文回答问题: 根据短文内容,提出5个问题,把不完整的答案补充完整。ASectionD


Directions: This section is to testyour ability to comprehend short passages. You will hear a recorded passage.After that you will hear five questions. Both the passage and the questionswill be read two times. When you hear a question, you should complete theanswer to it with a word or a short phrase (in no more than 3 words). Thequestions and incomplete answers are printed in your test paper. You shouldwrite your answers on the Answer Sheet correspondingly. Now listen to thepassage.

16. Who is being introduced at themeeting?

Mr. John Smith, the new ________________________.

17. How long did Mr. John Smithwork in Chicago?

For over______________________________.

18. What position did Mr. JohnSmith hold in his previous company?

He worked asthe________________________________.

19. What kind of knowledge JohnSmith has is very important to the company?

His knowledge of_________________________________.

20. What kind of business does thespeaker’s company do?

It is abusiness___________________________________.